~Sore_Ga_ Ai _Deshou~

itz a club, what more is there to describe~
but anyone who needs love advice join or be on this club~

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Acosmist | 09-10-11, 6:08 PM
:o call Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC

xmidnightrose22 | 09-07-09, 11:41 AM
Ok I need help. I got some weird email from this person saying that they like me. Its a girl and shes 23. I'm only 13 and is also a girl. I never even met this person. The peron keeps on emailing me. What do i do?

_Cloud__ | 07-05-09, 9:57 PM
any1 there

gooble | 06-29-09, 6:07 PM
anyone who needs any advice can come to me ^^

gooble | 06-29-09, 6:07 PM
sorry 4 the late reply........u are all welcome~ ^o^~

theeliminator | 06-27-09, 11:37 PM
Ditto. Thnx gooble

Mina | 06-27-09, 7:20 AM
Thank you for the club invite! Wierd but thanks it intresting

shaggy_J | 06-25-09, 7:09 PM
simple break the ground with a smooth joke okikukki

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gooble (Creator)

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This is a public club. Anyone can join and invite others to join.

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