Elysian Council


Coven Leader Eldest Vampire: Full-Metal
Coven Leader Sepream Vampire: Sithis-Telrue

A Vampire RP in Midevil Times, you may think we're those anime type of vampires but, sadly to you, no, we are not. Tis more like Underworld I-IV in ancient times while battling the Lycans, your armor and horse, swords and helmets. The location we are in at the moment is in Siberia, Russia out in the forest in a hidden city past a frozen waterfall. No cities within miles. All warriors have swords, although ones in different groups may choose to use their special weapon, which is either Bow & Arrow, Dagger, Hammer/Club, or regular knight swords. Lycans are NOT welcome, neither are anime vampires. Sorry to say, but anime has completely ruined the vampire culture. :(

1. Absolutely NO killing of another vampire, punishment is the most pianful death.
2. If you break a law while in the council, you will be banished from the council itself.
3. You can only make ONE drudge.
4. If you back down from your duties then you will be punished.
5. Abandonment of the council ends in your banishment.
6. Must be ACTIVE!



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Club Discussion
17 replies by Kilz »»
07-26-09, 10:35 PM
7 replies by Wolftigerking »»
07-15-09, 12:02 PM
Battle the Lycans
33 replies by deathlife123 »»
03-12-09, 3:49 PM
Dinning Hall
14 replies by deathlife123 »»
03-11-09, 6:34 PM
Punishment/Banishment/Death Sentences
0 replies by -Syn- »»
03-10-09, 6:04 PM

Club Comments
Shadow_kitty | 07-08-09, 7:07 PM
*looking around*

deathlife123 | 07-06-09, 2:58 PM

_Cloud__ | 07-05-09, 10:00 PM
any1 there

Hedgie-chan | 05-29-09, 2:11 PM
*flies in and lands while looking around*

Itachi2484 | 05-29-09, 1:48 PM
Wat up with u guys

Darthonzo | 05-20-09, 12:35 PM
thanku, full metel!

shuhaku | 05-19-09, 12:24 PM

Darthonzo | 05-19-09, 12:24 PM
metal must have deleted me!

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