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ResidentEvil_Fan | 03-10-09, 6:39 AM
this one cute
straycat27 | 01-08-09, 6:29 PM
Kawaii Hina-chan or Hinagiku
I am addicted to Hina100%
TheUnknownMerc | 12-31-08, 9:22 AM
do it fanny do it =P for all us....guys 0.o....and girls....0.o <_< >_> =P
Faded_Star | 12-31-08, 4:34 AM
dont u touch her fanny !
TheUnknownMerc | 12-26-08, 4:13 PM
overall i think she is better than nagi but in personal opinion on the anime/manga itself i give it to nagi =P loli plus i usually like the person who is depicted as most probably to get together with the guy....nagi in this case but i like her better =P

fanny thinkin exacly what i was thinkin =P lolz
uis | 12-26-08, 3:45 PM
Fanny with criminal mind... T_T
Rub_My_Fanny | 12-26-08, 2:11 PM
ah shes on her knees already.... that will make thing easier for me ^_^
MintAluka | 12-26-08, 10:14 AM
that is usually why people prefer Nagi over Hina-chan
DestinyFate | 12-26-08, 4:55 AM
Nagi because she's a loli, tsundere and Kugimiya fantastic 4 member
Faded_Star | 12-26-08, 4:26 AM
nagi !!!??

why her ?

even though i like her too......

nagior hinagiku !

cant decide !!!!!!!!!!
DestinyFate | 12-26-08, 3:33 AM
Hinagiku look so cute! (although I still prefer Nagi)
Faded_Star | 12-26-08, 3:31 AM
hinagiku-chan !!!!!!!!!!

i miss u !

i hope the second season comes soon.

*Hugs u 393588 times*
animeblader | 12-25-08, 2:30 PM
MintAluka | 12-25-08, 12:31 PM
Hinagiku-chan looks so cute in that picture
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