Ryouji Matsubara

Ryouji Matsubara
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Hitozuma♪Kasumi-san: Oyako to Kyoudou Seikatsu
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Ryouji Matsubara (松原 良治)
Ryouji, also briefly called Ryo is, recently moved to his uncle and his family, consisting of his wife, Kasumi, and his daughter, Mio, in order to live there for a while. Fortunately, he is taken from them, and as a son or a big brother looks. Especially the small million adores him right in and is almost constantly around him. His relationship with Kasumi's not as tight, but both understand each other very well. Only with his uncle runs it more difficult, which is probably because of the fact that this., Because of his work, is hardly at home The latter could be a reason why advocated Ryoujis uncle he lives with them, so this would at least always a male family member present who can take care of the two ladies.

Voice Actors
Yusa, Kouji