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Quan Sun
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Quan Sun (孫權)
Sun Quan, son of Sun Jian, formally the Emperor Da of Wu was the founder of Eastern Wu, during the Three Kingdoms period, in China. In his youth Sun Quan spent time in his home county of Fuchun, and after his father's death in the early 190's, at various cities on the Lower Yangtze River. His elder brother Sun Ce carved out a warlord state in the region, based on his own followers and a number of local clan allegiances. When Sun Ce was assassinated by the retainers of Xu Gong, whom Sun Ce had killed in battle several years prior, in 200, the eighteen-year-old Sun Quan inherited the lands southeast of the Yangtze River from his brother. His administration proved to be relatively stable in those early years. Sun Jian and Sun Ce's most senior officers, such as Zhou Yu, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Hong, and Cheng Pu remained loyal. Thus throughout the 200's Sun Quan under the tutelage of his able advisers continued to build up his strength along the Yangtze River.

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