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July 4th, 2012
Anime Relations: Detective Conan
Some of you may have realized that in the past, the anime Detective Conan was on my watching list, yet, for some reason, a number of watched episodes was not displayed next to it. This was because when I had first watched it, it was in Korea, a random episode at a random time. It entranced me, and when I came back to Canada, I began to try and find out more information about it. I succeeded, but couldn't find the patience to watch it in order. So I decided to read about it a little, to watch the first two episodes... then go CRAZY with it.

What I mean by crazy, is to watch random episodes in random orders. I would look up the list of episodes on wikipedia (this link right here: CLICKY), read the brief description of the episode, and then would decide whether it was worth my time or not. I continued on like this for... years. Maybe three of four.

I made my account on MyAnimeList on August 1st, 2010. I had already started watching Detective Conan, and was new to cataloging anime down with the number of episodes. I realized that I did want to include the amazing anime onto my list, but I didn't know what kind of number to put down. I honestly had never thought of counting the episodes down, and I wasn't about to go and count them. So I decided to just place the anime there, in the middle of my anime list, without a number. I carried on like that for two years. Then things changed.

As the years went on, I found my understanding of the main plot of the anime becoming hazy (no surprise there) and it began to really frustrate me. Characters were referenced, characters joined in, and some characters disappeared. I was utterly confused. So this summer (Summer 2012) I made a decision. That decision was that I would begin watching Detective Conan chronologically. Using the list from wikipedia, I began to determine which episodes I've watched and which episodes I haven't.

First day of marathoning: July 3rd, 2012

I realized that on the second day of marathoning (July 4th, 2012), that I had watched more than 85 episodes! It's quite shocking actually. But I suspected more than 100.

So yes, in conclusion, I am watching Detective Conan chronologically, and hopefully, will catch up to myself. It'll be a good summer!

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June 26th, 2012

I decided that I should actually credit all the wonderful things I use for my graphic editing stuff. So I'll do ALL that right here!

-Paint.NET 3.5.10
-GIMP 2.8.0
-Adobe Photoshop CS6
-Paint Tool Sai*
-Parchment Packs One by MediocreMemory
-Texture Pack 17 by Sirius-sdz
-Texture Pack 18 by Sirius-sdz
-Water Texture by WisdomsPearl
-10 Film Strips by beatsense
-Line Paper Texture by bheware
-Pencil Texture by typesprite
-Pencil png file by ama-chii
-Paperclips. Clipart. by LemonJitters
-Chocolate by steffi786
-Paper Textures by b3hindhersmil3 (
-Pen by hamster-ltd
-texture 77 by Sanami276

-Obsidian Dawn
-Splatter Brushes by getfirefox and ka05 (Deactivated account)

For her very useful Paint.NET tutorials
For her AMAZING tutorials of GIMP and helping me have a better understanding of the very confusing program!

*I look though forums for renders and other images that I sometimes use
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March 3rd, 2012

Kagamine Twins - Self-Made Background
Original Image:

Original Image:

Hatsune Miku - Random Text Art
Original Image: N/A

Love Letter
Original Image: N/A

Cat Love
Original Image:

We Love the Way You Rock!
Original Image:

Just be Friends
Original Image:

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Original Image:

Dancing Miku
Original Image:

Just be Friends - Torn Photo
Original Image:
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Private Entry
August 5th, 2011

I've changed my mind. I'm no longer going to use fancily decorated images for my 'Navigation' page, since it's become a handful and too hard to use. So I'm going to be using text and lots of pretty colors! Perhaps a few images here and there, but mostly text! Here you go:

About amiriteC
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Here are some clubs that I really like. As you may know, I'm not going to be active in many clubs anymore, and I'm probably going to quit a few unless there are specific reasons. I don't enjoy card clubs as much anymore, but I'm still in a few, and I'll remain in fanclubs. But I won't guarantee my activity. So here's a small little list of clubs that I support! (I will be removing dead clubs, since these links are kind of for my own personal use, but sometimes I'll just leave them there.)

One Piece

We are Pretty Cure!

Ao Haru Fanclub


I don't normally blog around about stuff, but I sometimes do. Rarely do. Almost never do...

Detective Conan (Watching List?)
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July 21st, 2011
I am an awkward person, so I'll apologize in advance for my awkwardness.
Well hello. I am amiriteC, you can call me ami, C or whatever suits your taste. My first name isn't exactly a secret, but I'd prefer not to go by it on this particular site. I'd prefer if you just stuck to my screen name (or a nick name) when addressing me. Much appreciated.

I started watching anime normally when I was in... the fifth grade...? But I didn't get an account on this site until much, much later. My first ever completed anime was "My Neighbour Totoro" (ahhh I love that movie so so so much) and I still love it to this day, and I watched it when I was in the second grade I believe. It's tied for first place for my favourite anime movie with Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (both fabulous, fabulous movies which I think are almost flawless).

I'm more of an anime person than a manga person, but these days I've been reading more manga because it's... quicker I guess? I think it's because I can read it at my own pace, so I consider it 'lazy mode'. I mostly read romance One-Shots since I'm just a really lazy person. It's weird, because while I don't like watching romance anime all that much, I always go for the bad, shoujo, romance one-shots in manga. Perhaps it's their high squeaky voices in anime that bother me the most? I'm not too sure.

In anime I prefer shounen and action anime, but in manga, I prefer shoujo and romance. I have really differing tastes, but I always love psychological stuff. But really dark things can easily freak me out--and I utterly can NOT STAND horror. I don't like being scared, and being easily scared worsens this problem.

I'm not much of a fan of yaoi or yuri, but I have given both genres a chance, but still have nothing against it or the people who enjoy watching it.
Before when I was a lot younger and was first introduced to the world of LGBT, I was very rude about my nonacceptance about it, and would even publish my thoughts about it online, and would like to apologize to anyone who stumbled on it and was offended. It was very immature and terrible of me, and my age was no excuse for my rudeness. I have learned more and matured much from that time and now I am much more in support of it.

I am Korean, but I live in Canada currently. I can roughly speak the language but writing and reading are my faults. Striking up a conversation with me in Korean probably won't end with the best results, as I won't be able to understand you XD

I'm an artist. Art has always been a major part in my life and I'm currently focusing a lot of my time on it (and school lol) I have a deviantART here: yay! And feel free to send me a note, drop a comment, or send me a llama! I love making new friends, and I haven't done much on my DA yet, but I really hope to open up a bit on that site.

I also write. There are some stuff I've written on my deviantART, but I'm not sharing anything directly via this site. I am very, very self-concious about my writing, and can only seem to show them to close friends.

I'm really bad at replying to your messages, and I am very sorry for that.

I don't do much graphic art anymore, but I probably will do some now and then. It was mostly due to my mouse malfuctioning for a while and that caused a long period of time where I just couldn't do graphic art. I have a new, good mouse now, but it seems that the hiatus in my graphic art has made me lose my will to continue.

I consider myself a friendly person, but trust me, unless you do something extremely annoying or plainly rude, I'm not going to bite you. If I ever have insulted you in anyway though, please go ahead and send me a PM or comment telling me, because I would like to properly apologize to you if I have ever unfairly wronged you.

I have an older brother, he is JKRollingDown and he is 2 years my senior. He's a derp.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about myself just ask :)
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