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05-22-11, 1:45 AM
Anime Relations: Naruto, Naruto: Shippuuden

Obito had his birthday on Feb. 10th. However, due to surgery that I was suppose to have February 9th I did not make his cards at that time- the day of the 9th I missed my appointment for the surgery- so I had to wait a month to have it. I started making his cards after I got over the anger of missing my appointment.
But I didn't finish them before the new appointment date- on March 9th I had the surgery and for the last 2 months I've been working on his cards as well as cards for Lockon Stratus from March.

However, since it was more complicated than me just healing from the surgery and getting on with it. I've also been sleeping most of the days since the surgery (Sometimes 18 hours a day-was really annoying) so it took me a while to get caught up. I am sorry that his cards are so late. I will be releasing all Bday cards I missed thus far.
I hope you enjoy your cards when I start making them and leaving them here.

I will start making the cards after the 4th of June- please look for them the Monday or so after that. Thank you ^^
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