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10-04-12, 12:53 PM
Anime Relations: Baccano!
This blog is an explanation on why I made these themes based recommendation/review lists and how they work. If you want to go straight to the lists, the links are at the bottom below the text in the spoiler tag, but don’t bitch at me for not understanding my system because you didn’t read here.
[But if you want a shortened explanation, there are also some dot point explanations below the text too]
[Oh, and the blog is 'related' to Baccano, only because you need to relate blogs to an anime to post them, no real other significance]

Now to clarify how these lists work, the following dot points are things to remember or may be important to navigating the lists I have made.
…yeah, I got a bit OCD, so there are a fair few of them

- None or very few of these lists refer to genres over all, only sub or more specific genres and themes – Read the description at the top of any lists to understand the criteria for being on the list [note that this is especially relevant to the ‘mecha’, ‘space’ and ‘music’ lists which refer to how the theme is used]
- I do NOT put things I have not watched on my lists
- I am not including manga in my recommendation unless the topic relates to it – if relevant it may be mentioned but not listed as this is an anime recommendation system until further notice
- List items are not ordered by quality or preference. They are added to a list if they fit the criteria but the order is coincidental
- List lengths vary
- Description lengths in list also vary (varying from just titles to extensive description)
- Not all topics can be considered as ‘recommendations’. Some lists can be used to identify things one may wish to avoid or identify things involved (eg. shows that abandon the original premise)
- Series listed that have multiple seasons with different names (eg. Clannad/Clannad After Story or Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari) will be condensed to one single title unless a particular season has more or less relevance to the topic
- I am trying not to include any spoilers, but some topics may include spoilers in them. I probably will not be adding spoiler tags to anime titles in any lists, so avoid the topic in general if it looks like it will have spoilers (eg. The bittersweet ending topic)
- A fantastic show may not make it on to any list if it does not fit any theme or topic (I am not excluding or including things based on preference)
- At the bottom of every list is a smaller list of things that ‘almost’ made it onto the list
- If two very similar shows are applicable to the same list, than the one that better suits the theme will be listed and the other will be on the ‘almost’ list and noted
- As these systems are trying to demonstrate a spread of different ways to demonstrate or use a theme, do not expect all things on a list to be similar, many items will be chosen due to being different than the other items on the list
- Descriptions of the anime in the lists are not to describe the anime itself, but how it related to the theme or topic. Links to the MAL pages will be posted though
- There is no reason a single anime cannot appear on multiple lists – look for the list that best represents your search
- There is no reason an anime that makes it on to several lists will be better than an anime that makes it on to none, it is simply a judge of the themes involved
- If you have any questions about a list, post it on that list’s page. If you have any question about a specific anime post on my wall and I will try and reply as a comment or message
- If you want to post any compliments or criticisms (hopefully not) to my system in general, post on the index wall or my profile page, so that all may bask in my awesomeness (mwahahaha), that and I want to keep the links and comments as easy to manage as possible
- I am basing this on my own perception. Don’t be a dick if you disagree, but I will accept HELPFUL criticism (ftr – ‘you suck’ and ‘why isn’t one piece on every list ROFLCOPTER’ are NOT helpful criticisms)
- I will try and update the lists as I watch more anime
- I may add new lists from time to time
- Forgive the lame puns next to each title, I get bored. Most of them are quotes or references, but there are some ‘in house’ jokes that I apologize if you don’t get

I am still in the process of writing my original lists, so while I have all the anime shortlisted, I have not written the descriptions up up yet - hence the list titles without links. If you are 'really' curious though, I can send you my shortlists without the descriptions or put that list higher on my priorities.
Please be patient, as I intend to write up all the lists.

"Golden Oldies"
- Anime that finished before 2000 but still a living legend

"Dude, what happend to your face?"
- Stylized or unconventional art and animation

" a one way road"
- Straight forward romances

- Bittersweet endings (Light spoilers)

"What do you get when you cross an Owl with a Bungee cord?.....My ass"
- Plot premises that are just plain ridiculous

"Back in the day"
- Anime that I watched or was aware of as a child (and have since re watched)

Unfinished lists

If you found this system helpful, please post a link to this index on a club or profile page or recommend it to others!

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