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05-21-09, 9:05 PM
well we all know the literal meaning of chi or chakra as in naruto!
and were always hearing about it too whether its yoga ---concentrate youre chi...blah blah blah---or some anime like fushigi yuugi or chakra!
but can someone tell me what this energy really is where it comes from?
well thats all for this blog!
Posted by Xxshaku-chanxX | 05-21-09, 9:05 PM | 2 comments
Maho-shonen | 05-22-09, 12:36 AM
Also, if you have more quetions of this nature, feel free to seek me out.
I might be able to answer them.
Maho-shonen | 05-22-09, 12:30 AM
Chi is acutly produced by the body.

In witchcraft it is called "peronal power' although I prefre the term mana.

The body uses this enrgy to fuction, it is produeced when you eat and sleep, and is lost through genral daily activeitys, such as breahting( although whne you inhale you get that back) or what ever you like.
With out it you would actualy just die.

Think in Naruto when they talk about what would happen your "charka" reaches abuslte zero.

With proper training you can actualy use this enrgy for things.
And chakra is actyly the same sort of enrgy as chi, bot produced by the body.

Chi is just a more genral for of it whiel charkra is more focased and holds elemtal propertys.
Depeding on where your draw it from.

I hope that helps.
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