12-04-08, 5:42 PM
You are my sunlit win you talk to me you bring lite to my world your vies is the coming breeze will blow my sorrow my sadness in my heart and soul a way in the wind your thatch will be the coming sic smooth inviting and relaxing to com my soul and heart you’re
Posted by 1CLOUDSTRIFE | 12-04-08, 5:42 PM | 5 comments
AmuletFortune | 09-06-09, 12:26 PM
this poem is so nice did u write them by urself
artgrl57 | 06-11-09, 1:17 PM
ignore the guy before me......because i like it :)
Rub_My_Fanny | 05-26-09, 4:51 PM
This is so bad. One of the worst poems I ever read in my life.
alienada | 04-22-09, 3:34 PM
whats up with the deep poems?
aine1810 | 03-20-09, 9:21 AM
Lovely poem, congrats ^^
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