11-23-08, 7:18 PM
I will love you with my heart and soul with my entire being. I will hold you close to me, will not make you fall apart, I will die a thousand deaths if I ever make you fall apart, I will be there to catch you when you fall, I will be there when you are in pain; when you cry I will comfort you, hold you close to me, I will cry with you... and tender the love with soft loving moments the rest out life’s
Posted by 1CLOUDSTRIFE | 11-23-08, 7:18 PM | 3 comments
alienada | 04-22-09, 3:36 PM
i wish i had someone write something like that for me
Kamikah | 12-30-08, 3:02 AM
Yap^^your right Chao-chan!

He's so sweet
Chaosu-chan | 11-24-08, 3:59 AM
So romantic
I think I'm in love with you
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