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Oct 28, 2008 11:32 AM
I used to be munirafa.. so I own all of these!! *.*

[banner by Sayuri]
I was so happy tha I was able to claim him *___*

[banner by Momo-Hime]
Sougo <'3

[banner by wowcool]
He's like.. perfect!! *_____* I got lucky!

I got lucky twice! xP
[banner by me]

[banner by Shishou|[banner by MightySpirit]| [banner by sanjica]| [banner by me]
I used to do this when I was little :D [banner by me]

I LOVE her! <3 My cute little daughter!

They are the cutest >.<!

For me.. the best saying ever! xD 'Uguu~'

My favorite movie <33

kawwai~ Fukuoka - Japan!

Azu «3 I love her voice n' her style *__*

they are MINE! :P EPIC band «3

[banners by me ^^]

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