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Four Kisses, in Secret

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Aug 5, 2008
Master10K (All reviews)
Black God is a Seinen, Supernatural, Action that is about the usual ‘fateful encounter’ starting point, with awesome art & action. Even though this is technically a Manhwa/Manwha, the Japanese characters & setting basically makes this a regular Manga.

Keita Ibuki is a normal guy who undergoes an unexpected life-changing experience, when he gets caught in the crossfire of higher beings that call themselves ‘Mototsumitama’. Now there’s a girl named Kuro, who he must stick with, due to various circumstances. The beginning of this hectic story really throws the reader into the thick of it, bombarding you with information regarding the complex plot (doppel-liners, terra, mototsumitama, read more
Jan 20, 2010
AllenWalker5 (All reviews)
This is just overall a fantastic storyline and it got me hooked right away, Mostly when Kuro manages to save Keita from the guy in the first volume since it would've sucked if he died right then and there.

The art is a great topic to talk about since it drew me in with the fighting style. The plotline is also very addicting since it gets me to thining that there might be motosumitamas amongs us as well as doppeliners

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