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  • Manga Score: N/A
  • Author: Mamoru Hosoda
  • Publisher: Yen Press
  • Volumes: 1
  • DB title: Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki
  • Rating: 13 and up
  • Genres: DramaFantasySlice of Life
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Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki (light novel)

*This is a digital eBook, not a physical book.


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Nov 12, 2020
Giffordz (All reviews)
This was such lovely movie. This story touched my heart and even my normie mother loved it. The English voice acting was great too and the art was beautiful. I can easily recommend this wholesome film.

That was all I was going to write but this site is telling me my review has to be longer so here I am, just adding more text until it tells me I can submit it. I keep trying but apparently it's still not long enough. I noticed this movie didn't have any reviews at all so I really wanted to leave one. I guess they don't make it read more

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