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Chobits 20th Anniversary Edition 1

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Nov 21, 2007
Narabinaki (All reviews)
I gave everything about this manga a 10 because I felt that it was 100% deserving of it. I would gladly recommend this manga to anyone looking for romance, sci-fi, shonen, and an overall good read.


The story was quite amazing and well-developed. It develops smoothly as the manga progress. It's well balanced as it does not have tons of dramatic events, but it doesn't progress slowly. I think it's one of CLAMP's best works, and that's quite the statement considering CLAMP often has great story line's. I also thought the writing was realistic; the 19-year-old actually sounded like a 19-year-old, and not a 30-year-old or read more
Feb 5, 2012
seinenfag (All reviews)
Story - Poor guy finds a sexbot. That just about sums it up. There's something about the sexbot being some kind of weapon but I couldn't figure it out. Along the way people tell Hideki that a sexbot is not an alternative for a real human being, which I agree with, but Hideki apparently doesn't get it. The pacing is so slow it's not even funny. After about 8 hours of reading I finally gave up. I didn't find anything particularly funny. Maybe Hideki's virginity was supposed to be a joke? I didn't find it funny. Everyone makes fun of Hideki's virginity as if it's read more

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