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  • Manga Score: N/A
  • Author: Aki Iwai
  • Publisher: Kodansha
  • Volumes: 5
  • DB title: Abe-kun ni Nerawaretemasu
  • Rating: 13 and up
  • Genres: RomanceSchool
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Abe-kun's Got Me Now! 1

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Nov 12, 2020
onepiecetrash (All reviews)

I have read way too much shoujo mangas and here's how to summarize this as of now: "a normal girl who gets confessed by a popular, muscular high school boy who is part of karate team." and also she's a tsundere. you could tell.

I really skipped 5 chapters because I already know what's going to happen. I love it. But this story will be more cliche if they add a rival. But in terms of the story, it's good. I like this kind of cliche or cringy anime/ manga love story. It's just too good. ART reminds me of 2011-2015 read more
Nov 25, 2020
whylime (All reviews)
TL;DR: it's a solid 5 across the board. If cliched and predictable shoujo manga is your thing, you can perhaps give this one a read.

Looks like it's time to do my civil duty of writing a review of a manga that no one else really cares about. And since I'm deep into my trashy shoujo phase, I've somehow ended up here. Enter, Abe-kun ni Nerawaretemasu. The most average of shojo you can find, chock full of cliches and messy anatomy.

So, let's talk about it. I've read my fair share of shojo manga, since I am in fact Sad, Single, and Lonely. But Abe-kun honestly read more

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