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  • Manga Score: 6.75
  • Author Name: Ukyo Kodachi, Masashi Kishimoto
  • Artist Name: Mikio Ikemoto
  • Publisher: VIZ Media
  • Volumes: 2
  • DB title: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
  • Rating: T
  • Genres: ActionAdventureSuper PowerMartial ArtsShounen
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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May 15, 2018
Yasuhito (All reviews)
I’ve been contemplating writing a review for the Boruto manga for a few days now. Simply because I feel discouraged that it won’t really have an effect on anyone - it seems like the majority of users on MAL are fine with judging the series based on the first 10 chapters - which was the movie recap. It totally isn’t. Imagine judging One Piece or Bleach purely on their first 10 chapters. Unfortunately the harsh scoring system won’t change anytime soon - So I hope it wouldn’t discourage new readers. If you’re interested please continue to read further and I hope I convince you to read more
Sep 8, 2016
HakuryuNoKou (All reviews)
Okay, I will update this when the story gets into NEW content, whenever that will be. For now, however, I will simply give it a 5/6, because it's nothing but a recap of Boruto: Naruto the Movie, currently.

So many people are complaining about the art-style, it not being Kishimoto's. Alright. Kishimoto has been working non-stop, for the last 15 years, making this series for you all, and barely getting to spend time with his family, and sleep. How he doesn't have health issues, is beyond me. A sequel was in order, and he did NOT feel like going through that hell again, so he chose read more

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