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Dec 22, 2011
3MeowMix3 (All reviews)
What can I say about this series. When I first started reading this series I thought it was amazing. It had interesting characters as well as theme, and made me laugh out loud on several occasions. The story was still doing great in my opinion, until the last 2 volumes of the manga (5 &6). The story took a turn and all of a sudden became really rushed like the author wanted to get done with the series ASAP. Random characters came out of no where, and became like important parts of the story, but the author gave little to no background on them. They read more
Sep 20, 2011
spock1013 (All reviews)
Laon is an interesting manga. The characters are pretty solid. The story starts out pretty good as well, though it tends to flounder at the end. Honestly, I enjoyed this manga a lot until the last volume. It kind of killed the slow build up and steady plot development. If they had just stretched it out another volume or two I really believe this could have been a great manga. It had some unexpected events happen at the end, though the final ending was a bit unsatisfying. On a sidenote, I find the artwork neat and unique, which was a big part of why I read more

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