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Shibuya Goldfish

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Mar 18, 2019
zollez (All reviews)
This manga needs a review, so here we go!

(Includes major spoilers)

After considering buying Shibuya Goldfish for a while I finally did it. I had pretty high expectations for it, the plot seemed perfectly crazy (like a Japanese version of Sharknado) I was certain it would be amazing and totally different from other mangas. But uh oh it fucking sucked and was a complete waste of time and my hard earned pocket money.

Why was this so bad? The plot is so crazy and weird and could have been enjoyable if done properly. A manga about an apocalypse with giant, flying goldfish sounds so unique, but everything read more
Apr 20, 2021
Tone_ (All reviews)
Shibuya Goldfish is good old fun. At first glance, the premise may seem super sketchy (and it is) --goldfish suddenly appear out of seemingly nowhere inside Shibuya, there is a giant ass glass fishbowl surrounding Shibuya and locking people inside, the goldfish can somehow speak, fly (but can't somehow get outside of the fishbowl), and even use their soft and round pouted lips to MUNCH and TEAR through human bones, vehicles, and concrete all alike as if it's cotton candy-- and NONE of it makes sense. The author only tries to address these things as the story progresses, and that's the hilarity of it, because read more

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