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What Did You Eat Yesterday?

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Aug 28, 2013
acajou (All reviews)
There's Boys' Love, which is manga focusing on gay male relationships written by women, for women.

There's Bara, which is manga focusing on gay male relationships written by gay men, for gay men.

And then there's Kinō Nani Tabeta?, which a slice of life manga focusing on something else entirely written by a female author and currently being published in a seinen magazine featuring two people who merely happen to also be a gay couple.

Lampshaded by the fact the title translates to "What did you eat yesterday?", Kinō Nani Tabeta? is essentially Food Porn: The Manga. This is achieved by the story being mostly centered on and read more
Jan 10, 2021
miracle-boy (All reviews)
I was pretty excited to read the first volume of this because I love manga about cooking and stories with gay characters. To sum it up: although the cooking scenes are decent, I don't feel the need to continue because I didn't connect with any of the characters or with any of their relationships.

This is a cooking slice of life that revolves around a middle-aged gay couple. The first volume is mainly focused on Shiro as he works as a lawyer, shops for groceries, and prepares elaborate meals for his live-in partner, Kenji. There are also scenes of Kenji working as a hairstylist. Chapters usually read more

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