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Something's Wrong With Us

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Aug 15, 2021
hiju (All reviews)
I really love this story so far and it has quickly become on of my favorites. It's a good mix of romance, mystery, and drama, coupled with gorgeous art and a captivating storyline.

While it does contain many clichés, they work well with the story and add seasoning. I really love how the setting shows the traditional side of noble families in modern day Japan, as opposed to the city setting that appears in most mangas that take place in the modern day. The story provides a lot of insight on Japan's rich culture as well, making the story even more interesting.

Another thing I read more
Jul 10, 2021
Curiouswanderer (All reviews)
I swear this manga put a bitter taste in my mouth rather than allowing me to savour the idea that a female protagonist is creating Japanese confectionary. I mean, she's practically baking for the ML, who asked her to marry him. It turns out he married someone else, but that wedding went down the drain when he decided to marry the FL all along. He's simply so goddamn ignorant, and he's blatantly using the FL! Yes, they were childhood pals, big woop, will anyone in the manga world just calm the f down?!

As much as I realize the ML's mother is mourning the loss read more

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