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The Prince in His Dark Days

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Aug 31, 2018
sshio (All reviews)
Tbh I have no clue why this has such a low rating. I tend to rate things lower than average and I was surprised that a manga like this didn't even break 7.25! This isn't your typical shoujo; it deals with topics rarely seen in shoujo, such as identity, what it means to be happy, making it refreshing and worthwhile.

Unlike typical shoujos, the mc isn't some weak and helpless girl waiting for love to save her. Instead, she's a truly admirable character that you'll come to love for sure. The same can be said for other characters too.

The art is simple and fits the mood read more
Jul 8, 2020
rinsanada (All reviews)
This series was better than I thought it would be. It wasn't your typical shoujo manga where girl falls in love with boy and boy doesn't like her at first and then he does and then they get together and have trouble trying to stay together.

The MC was actually not waiting for love but against it and was basically doing what she had to do to survive in her situation. Although it does have the cliche underline part about how he likes her and doesn't show it at first and won't until he realizes that everything she does is for him, but also for her read more

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