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Sweat and Soap

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Jun 18, 2019
PandalfAnime (All reviews)
I don't write reviews often but i really felt this one deserved one. It's such a heartwarming manga that just makes me smile more and more for every chapter.

Ase to Sekken is a very cute and heartwarming manga about a girl/woman who works at a cosmetics company. At the company she meets a man with a very good sense of smell (It'll make sense if you read it) and falls in love with him. She is very insecure however and constantly doubts herself so their relationship is a little ''sway'y'' but that just adds to the charm and really makes you root for her read more
Apr 10, 2020
taehoeung (All reviews)
To be honest, when I first read the synopsis, I was turned off from reading the manga thinking it was a story about a strange man having a 'smell fetish'. While the latter remains somewhat true, I was surprised that I came to like the story and Asako and Natori-san's relationship. Despite the smell fetish, their relationship is quite relaxing without any orchestrated drama. It's a refreshing (no pun intended) and lighthearted work within the josei genre. If you are looking for a josei romance with a little bit of fluff and smut, this might be for you. I am definitely looking forward to more read more

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