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Tales of Berseria

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Jul 23, 2017
NituAndreiV (All reviews)
I will be honest i give high rates to pretty much everything i watch cause i always enjoy everything i watch(Or read,depends)
I am gonna try to keep this spoiler free as its my first review
I finished the game and i decided to pick up on the manga and i can say its pretty good,follows the game,kills some details,introduces others
BEcause i loved the gagme ofc i love the manga following it,i can say it is well drawn,
Except for Eizens eyes which creep me out, Berseria comes after zeistria or however you write it,and it pretty much has a role of fixing read more
Dec 18, 2018
Newtrat (All reviews)
Okay this is my first review and I'm usually not good in making reviews but I'll try my best. Also, sorry for my English, my main Language is French.

I decided to read the manga after playing the game. When I saw that there was only 3 volumes, I knew that they'll cut a lot on the story. But that was too much. There's not enought actions and adventures. Everything lasts for a few moments. When there's a fight, it ends really fast and you don't get it. You never see the explorations of the dungeons, when they're entering a dungeon, they're immediately at the boss read more

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