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My Boss's Kitten

*This is a digital eBook, not a physical book.


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Aug 29, 2020
Smores360 (All reviews)
This is definitely a soft core book so don't be surprised once you start reading it. Currently there are only 5 volumes released in English (volume 6 releases on September 1st). It is actually surprisingly sweet and it took a couple volumes but it seems there is going to be more story development rather than it being purely erotic. The main female character also slowly starts to get some character development as she learns to be more confident in herself. There are parts where some characters are childish, but it isn't overwhelming. The art style is also very pretty, Yumi Hisawa-sensei did a wonderful job read more
Feb 15, 2021
Some1ridiculous (All reviews)
The boss is just rather pushy to the female lead. I totally understand that she is craving for love because she was stood up on her wedding day but she’s letting her boss take advantage of her and not considering what she truly needs out of the relationship. I also felt the art was stiff as well like their emotions are pretty much crooked and dull enough to easily understand how they truly feel about each other.

Yeah this is just not my cup of tea folks which is disappointing folks. I honestly thought it was gonna be an underrated “office romance” gem but apparently read more

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