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The Golden Sheep

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Jun 18, 2020
Crab_fella (All reviews)
Once again a review because there are no reviews. This manga is pretty good, I would lean towards a 7.5 instead of an 8, but that's not an option. I gave it an 8 because it felt like a fairly real interpretation of what could happen to someone who comes back to an area they've been gone from for a while. The main character is positive but not oblivious, and she does a good job supporting the other characters in the story, particularly the dark-haired boy. Likewise, all of the characters remained grounded and fairly compelling.

It was short, so there's not too much else read more
Dec 30, 2020
Daniel_Pezzi (All reviews)
From a technical perspective The Golden Sheep is basically flawless with effective art and paneling, great character designs, and coherent backgrounds. The story is a typical coming of age tale, which is the author somewhat specializes in, and it is here the negatives can be found.

Of the 4 protagonists, 2 have a satisfying, if quick, arc while the other two pull down the series. Tsugu in particular stands out for her optimism and sincerity, which puts here a cut above move teenage girl leads. The slight romance that develops with her is compelling and leads to some of the most effective emotional beats. Her and read more

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