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Queen Bee

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Apr 5, 2016
taffydmonkey (All reviews)
I was surprised when I saw that the end has come, for three volumes, this manga made me laugh and smile. I like the manga.

The story is simple, but it was entertaining. For those who want to have a break on an MC who is such a beauty and firm, and readers who really want an entertainment, this is recommended.

I would say the art is very good, because when the mangaka wants to show a funny scene, the art becomes really funny and when the MC (Hinata) becomes serious she looks like her father. (For others who do not know) There is also a read more
Feb 15, 2017
anarrowstrail (All reviews)
Seishun otome banchou became one of those mangas that really helped me discover what I like and it was one of the first ones where I just enjoyed the entire thing.
The story is a concept that has obviously been used before. It isn't common but I've seen it in other mangas, except, no manga I have read executed it as well as this. The comedy is there, the uniqueness is there, it's heavily influenced by the main character in how the story thrives so I'll talk about that later. I really enjoy shoujo manga in general and the way they made it so it read more

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