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Alicia's Diet Quest

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Oct 7, 2018
FeelsBad (All reviews)

No not really, you won't learn anything from this manga, but "Alicia-san no Diet Quest" is a funny gag manga that doesn't take itself too seriously, and it's a nice read if you're craving a hero quest sidestory that isn't serious. It's especially relateable if you've ever tried to lose weight by counting calories and it's good at making you laugh through situational comedy. If you enjoy the Gintama style jokes, then you'll probably like this too.

Overall, its a nice read to pass the time, and if your looking for some light-hearted comedy, I highly recommend that you read more
Jul 24, 2020
G3usts (All reviews)
Keep in mind that this is solely my opinion and my opinion only. I'd also like to say that I don't dislike this manga, and there are no hard feeling towards it. Also, if I don't make sense in some instances while writing this, my bad, I'll get you some soda to compensate. (i owe a lot of sodas, this is also my first manga review)

5 on MAL is average, and I can say that me and a few others are comfortable with this rating. To me, Alicia-san no Diet Quest was just a short series of laughs, (i didnt laugh) unique diet techniques, along read more

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