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Ao-chan Can’t Study!

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Apr 8, 2019
Eschasintra (All reviews)
I've decided to read this manga after watching the anime, it was quite a good surprise even though it's just your casual, fluffy romcom. I wouldn't really qualify this manga as "Ecchi", since it offers little to 0 fanservice (most of the scenes happen in Ao's head and don't occur in real-life), but instead the scenes are just sweet and sort of innocent, contrasting to Ao's inner personality (closet pervert).

Even though the series gets published in a monthly magazine so there are only a few chapters (38 so far to this date), the pacing is actually entertaining and fluid which makes you feel attached read more
Dec 22, 2019
Bean62 (All reviews)
If you want a masterpiece or a life changing experience this is not for you, but if you want a sweet and hilarious romantic comedy to lighten up your mood I definitely recommend Ao-chan Can’t study.
I often see the same kind of long reviews that say too much and nothing I actually wanted to know. I HATE SPOILERS, but I also don't want to waste my time with a story that starts great but decays and ends poorly or one where, after all their trouble, the couple doesn't end up together.. for no reason at all.

So I thought I should review in a different read more

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