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Can You Just Die, My Darling?

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Sep 29, 2017
lovevillain (All reviews)
After Chapter 14 the story shifts, bringing in more drama and suspense. At this point the character growth and story progression begins to slow down. The main focus is rebuilding the manga to shift the story from the initial outbreak to finding Hanazono, along with the two groups fighting for power. The blood and gore gets toned down a bit, to really focus redirecting the story.
This is still worth the read even with this shift in the story.
A mysterious outbreak that turns love into bloodlust that begins to run rampant. Kamishiro (MC) has a vivid hallucination of stabbing his childhood friend, Hanazono read more
Aug 25, 2016
Squiggles123 (All reviews)
Okay so there are only 4 chapters at the moment, but I'm hooked. To put it briefly, you have your typical setup with childhood friends and the girl is popular with guys and in this case the mc has a cleaning addiction. One night the mc contracts a bloodlust disease and internally struggles with his uncontrollable bloodlust.

A fact about the disease is that you want to kill your loved one the most, surprise surprise. However, it also applies to other people as well in general (example: people who piss mc off). As to be expected, the mc also develops superhuman strength among other read more

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