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My Boy in Blue

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Jul 17, 2014
Cactus-Princess (All reviews)
This is one of those mangas that is definitely hit or miss. I personally liked it but that will have to be decided by you all! Also at the time of my writing this there are currently only 6 chapters out so take that as you will.

Stuff the summary doesn't tell you that you should know:
High Schooler, Kako falls for a guy at an adult party. Later one the next day she finds hes a police officer who lives and works remarkably close to her home. She decides to go forward with a relationship with him but he insists on space because he doesn't want read more
Oct 18, 2015
octoberstormxx (All reviews)
Warning: Spoilers

The Synopsis:

This shoujo manga is about a female protagonist who falls in love with a local police officer in her city after meeting him at a mixer posing as a twenty-two-year-old with her friend. Although the feelings appear mutual, he rejects her when he later discovers she is considerably underaged and is still in high school. After she protects him in a fight, stepping in and taking a hit from a gun to the head, he finally admits his feelings, but he realizes the only way for them to be together is by marrying. After marrying, the rest of the story follows their domestic read more

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