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Pig Bride

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Sep 22, 2011
zalti (All reviews)
I'm only writing this review because there is not one at the moment so it might not be good

This manga is about a girl with a pig mask and a boy who meets her as a kid and they agree to get marred though he is eight years old and wasn't really paying attention, she says will meet on his 16 birthday. He thinks it's a dream and on his birthday she comes down to see him and he is not happy about marrying someone he doesn't know, can't see her face of and generally not happy that he is forced into read more
May 3, 2015
Desk05 (All reviews)
Pig Bride has a premise I have never read before. This manhwa was ridiculously hilarious around the first two chapters and anytime they flash backed to children, but after that the story's momentum dulled to me. I was so impatient to see Mu-Yeon's true face, but the manhwa author drug that reveal to the last possible moment. It was even longer before Si-Joon saw her. The wait to see Mu-Yeon's face might irk you or hold your interest until the end as intended. There is a strong theme of reincarnation and a mystery dream, that doesn't take long to decipher.

Ji-oh is my favorite. He's read more

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