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Sep 2, 2011
arsonal (All reviews)
Ritz Kobayashi's mahjong manga is a relatively simple concept that has been executed well. The title character Saki Miyanaga is a genius player whose ability to manipulate her own score develops from being bullied while playing with members of her family. Despite her hatred for the game, Saki is drawn into her high school's mahjong club and soon aims to help take the club to the national tournament in order to reunite with her older sister who is member of the reigning national team champion.

Artistically, Saki is very clean and easy on the eye. The art does not occupy the reader with individual detailed panels read more
Jul 7, 2019
pgp (All reviews)
I tried to like Saki, I really did.

I'm a sucker for mahjong manga and will gobble up anything to satisfy my passion for it, but this manga is just unreadable.

For starters, the characters:
the titular character, Saki, is extremely boring and there is very little to like about her. She has near no personality, and is either frustrating to watch when she decides not to win on purpose, or very boring when she just wins by virtue of being the main character. Everyone acts like she's a genius for scoring big wins but we never get much insight into her strategy or logic. She's not built read more

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