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Soul Eater

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May 29, 2015
Yukimura_Kenshin (All reviews)
I can't recommend this manga enough, the only slight downside I can think of is that the art style changes very slightly. The later volumes have absolutely astounding art, incredibly detailed and intricate. The characters are really likeable and develop a lot over the story. One thing I found really cool is the little details that become really important later on, it makes the story feel well thought out and crafted. Another thing I really enjoyed is how this manga never takes it self too seriously right down to the last chapter, it manages to be deep and engaging while also being light hearted read more
Mar 22, 2008
odi (All reviews)
I fell in love with this manga from the very first chapter I read.The drawing style,the story,the characters and pretty much everything else make the reader not wanting the pages to come to an end.There's almost everything someone might ask from this gender of manga and probably even more.A great story with amazing action and sudden blasts of humor when one least expects it make it worth reading.

The characters all have their own quirks that make each one of them unique in their own weird ways which adds even more to the whole package :P

I undoubtly recommend it for everyone that likes to get a read more

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