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Apr 23, 2015
Sekaiou (All reviews)
It's the rising star of Jump, the so called "next Naruto/One Piece." Yes, it's of the mold of the two. Yes, you can see the similarities in holistic structure, but what is it that makes Boku no Hero Academia a compelling read for shounen fans looking for something to pass the time?

Story- 7
The premise is simple: Many people have superpowers, the boy has none, he gains powers through strange means much later than others, and he enters THE school of superpower training. Right.
It is only a 7 because the premise has been set and there are simply developments going on at the moment-- this manga read more
Dec 6, 2014
XAsum0x (All reviews)
What seems to be the next big thing in Boku no Hero Academia certainly has the potential to do so, but has a long way to go before it gets there. So far, its every piece of copy and paste material and generic story out there. However, one thing that intrigued me was how well it used its generic story and characters. The first chapter speaks to itself honestly. Izuku our main character has a problem that gets dealt with in a very very satisfying way that got hooked and invested in the story. The story is interesting and the world is simple, but can read more

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