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Jul 18, 2009
Master10K (All reviews)
Goong is a Shoujo, Romantic, Comedy, Drama dealing with the all-too-familiar arranged marriage set-up but in an unfamiliar Korean monarchy setting. So you can expect your characteristic shoujo romance in the forefront, but with political ploys, betrayal and power struggles in the background.

First of all let me say… this is an amazing manhwa where the author brings forth an interesting question for its plot, “what if the Korean monarchy wasn’t just a memory but still an active part of society?” This plot is able to bring forth a number of issues that have rarely been dealt with before in a shoujo manhwa such as: read more
Jan 19, 2008
AeoP (All reviews)
Goong puts an interesting spin on the "historical" type drama. This hybrid of the modern world with a historical monarchy focuses on The Palace and the royal family within. However, we also get to witness everyday life such as school life as well. Many elements are typical of shoujo manga, including the main characters' interactions, but the character development and the story builds into very worthwhile drama. Also, interactions between the feisty female lead and the cold-hearted male lead add a nice touch of comedy.

Goong also features beautiful art. From the scenery of the palace, to the clothing worn, read more

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