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B. Ichi

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Jan 23, 2009
animegurlfreak (All reviews)
B.Ichi the same story and art by Ohkubo Atsushi the person behind Soul Eater, after reading it I found it very assuming, once again Ohkubo Atsushi's hilarious ideas has stuck against me again... what I can see is that the main character Shotaro reminds me of Black Star when he exclaims 'Whoo-Hyoo'! And another character named Mana remminds me a lot of Maka... indeed fans of Ohkubo Atsushi must enjoy this as much as Soul Eater
Jan 24, 2020
dnowmica (All reviews)

B.Ichi it's the most underrated manga ever, the first Ookubo story, the man behind Soul Eater and Fire Force, it's a manga full of comedy and good battle scenes, the perfect thing if you really enjoy Soul Eater. I really love the unique art of this manga, as the other Ookubo stories.

Have really good characters, that are a obviously, a huge reference to Ookubo next characters. The end it's really rushed, because the story get cancel in the middle, but it is still a really good experience. I really enjoy the manga and i hope you guys enjoy too, it's a very unique and read more

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