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Crimson Prince

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Aug 29, 2012
Miya_ (All reviews)
I must say i loved this manga, with only 5 chapters (atm) it already convinced me!

Characters 10/10:
"A super-smart-gentle-demon Prince & an innocent-sweet-pure-hearted-human Girl"
---and later some peoples join the story~:
"An easygoing-very-long wolf-clan-head Guy and uhm a super-justice-kinda-angel Girl"
Man, i hafto say that these characters are original,... well especially the super justice angel,
But about the main: Hana's looks are cute in its way, her hair is short, i, at first disliked that it was THAT short, but i gradually came to like it.. also i think the mangaka made her hair a bit more puffy, so yay~ Ahum, so the guy, Jirou, kinda a read more
May 30, 2021
Shellshock123 (All reviews)
Similar to Pandora hearts in the sense it falls apart in the last quarter.

The series kicks off with Our Crimson Prince of the Demon realm sent to earth to find someone and have to take there soul but he must avoid the angels as they are stronger than the demons will try to arrest them if they see them on Earth. During his search he meets a girl who is totally unrelated to everything. Absolutely unrelated. Due to various circumstances he now lives under the same roof as her and her grandma. Now he continues his journey while remaining undercover. But what is he supposed read more

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