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Bloody Cross

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Sep 16, 2012
Jigglehpoof (All reviews)
I was surprised to see no one has written a review for this series yet. So, I am going to write one!

I begun reading this manga when searching for a good action/romance manga. Bloody Cross had about everything I was looking for, right up to the good artwork as well.

This is a Japanese manga with two main characters who are the prime focus of the series so far: Tsukimiya and Hinata. Tsukimiya is a half-vampire half-angel who is looked down upon because half bloods are considered 'vulgar'. Hinata is a half-angel. They both share a love/hate relationship, which is very fun to watch.

The story is read more
Apr 27, 2013
Nye (All reviews)
One of those hilarious and a bit lifeless anime/manga (s). May be just me, but I think this manga is in the genres: Action, comedy, shoujo and supernatural.
Of course, there is romance, but in a different way. Harem is also another.

The hilarious and a bit lifeless part from my definition is a bit like Zetsuen no Tempest or Hatenkou Yuugi. Where "Life" itself has a certain importance.

Generally it is an awesome manga to read~ there aren't many other manga/anime like the type of "romance" involved with Bloody Cross. Which i enjoyed the most >w

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