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Blood Lad

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Jul 9, 2011
Aina-Chan (All reviews)
**May contain some spoilers+Could be long to read**
Story: One might think when coming across this manga that this is just another vampire manga, but in actuality it isn't. How? Well, when I first looked at this manga I thought, "oh great another vampire story zzz probably full of ecchi scenes since this big-boobed girl is with this male protagonist and full of violence. Also since there's a human before him he's obviously going to go having scenes of sucking her neck all the time right?" (kinda over dramatized my first impressions) Anyway, I was however proven wrong, which I'm very thankful for. Like the summary read more
Oct 29, 2011
BlitzkriegLove (All reviews)
I am reading this manga after watching the movie "twilight" (on my friend's request). When i read the summary, i went "wtf..more Vamps?" But i could put up through the whole movie so i thought that a manga couldn't do any worse, but poof! It turned out to be exactly what i did not expect! :D
Its a nice manga with great artwork, a bit shaky-waky story which is compensated by the comical scenes; has the typical character line, and does not bore you at all! :D
A recommended read to anyone who is bored of Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, blah blah blah!

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