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Dec 28, 2014
Candangz (All reviews)
Horimiya is a manga that I found occasionally, and seeing just the art, I found it very interesting and showy. Reading the synopsis already came to my mind "romance in sight", so I decided to deepen into the history of manga, and finally I ended up having good hours of entertainment by reading this great show. All content posted here is my opinion about the plot, I hope you enjoy reading.

Horimiya has a simple yet enjoyable story. I say simple in terms easy to be understood, and not be common. In fact, so far, I'm finding the development of history quite interesting, doesn't evolve very read more
Jan 3, 2015
zacoist (All reviews)
Horimiya is the shining light amongst the excessive flood of rehashed high school romances that Japan loves to print out. But what makes this manga so special? It has the same cliché scenario, after all: a popular female lead, a shut-in otaku male lead, high school setting; the list goes on and on. The premise may be unoriginal, but Horimiya excels greatly in the one aspect that most romances fail to deliver.


The amount of intimacy that can be felt between our two lovers, Hori-san and Miyamura-kun, never ceases to amaze me. Unlike most romances, their love for each other never feels forced. HERO does a read more

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