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Laid-Back Camp

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Nov 26, 2017
Major_Gilbert (All reviews)
Ok I'm not really experienced with CGDCT, but because it's about camping I mainly came to see the beautiful scenery of Japan's mountains and night sky.

I liked all the characters, they're cute (well obviously), and they all have good personalities. There is a quick development in terms of how the characters start to share a strong bond of friendship. It's to the point of doubting whether there is development or not. I mean, this manga is basically just a cycle of moe, food and camping...

There are some funny scenes too, which adds to the enjoyment of reading this manga. We also get to know read more
Apr 30, 2018
Masshiroi (All reviews)
It´s basically a story about cute girls going camping, building friendship etc. The art is nice (according to me nicer than in the anime), there are a lot of funny moments and since its short, you can easily read in all at once. What was lacking was some kind of character development, but since the story is about girl finding new friends I guess this was achieved; but don´t expect anything more.
And interesting fact: I´ve read this manga on I don´t know about other pages, but the version on this side has always 1-2 pages extra from the translator, where are very putative read more

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