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Voices of a Distant Star

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Feb 4, 2009
Natsuriko (All reviews)
Hoshi no Koe, or "Voices of a Distant Star", is an outstanding manga about life, love and waiting. When I first watched the anime, I felt totally blinded by the message carried within the characters, their thoughts and their relationship. But, for some reason, that same feeling grew on me when I finished the manga version.

First of all, the art! If you didn't like this aspect in the anime, you'll be completly amazed when you read the manga version. Yumeka Sumomo did a great job by creating beautiful landscapes and places, just as the anime version did. One aspect that I found very pleasant were read more
Dec 26, 2009
lightwizar19 (All reviews)
Hoshi no Koe, Voices of a Distant Star is a short read with roughly 250 pages, although in those 250 pages the message portrayed is powerful. An emotional sledgehammer. Within the first two chapters, as you read of this tale of two lovers separated by time itself, you sympathize with their feelings. Separated by the vastness of space, having time itself as their enemy, this allegory is a parallel to all long distance relationships.

This manga is no more story than it is a representation of the fragility of human emotions and how love and feelings for others in far off places are difficult to maintain; read more

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