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Animal Land

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Oct 4, 2011
fiore777 (All reviews)
I was indecisive between scoring this a 7 or an 8. But I have decided it must land itself an 8. The art style is definitely not for everyone. This isn't a story about some cute and fuzzy animals. There's sweetness to be sure, and tears, but it is the struggle of life with some really strange looking critters. Many of whom have oddly human faces, I suppose to more easily put across their expressions.

But despite that oddness there's still something engaging about reading this. All centered upon a baby who brings something unexpected to the world, more than just being a bundle to be read more
Apr 28, 2014
GodSoupLoren (All reviews)
“I think it would be nice if all animals got along”

Welcome to Animal Country, a world filled with millions of different kinds of animals. Some eat plants, some eat meat, some eat both. Each animal has their own unique voice they use to communicate, but they are unable to understand the voices of animals that don’t use their cry. In this world there exists no universal language. Thus, it is a savage place where the strong prey upon the weak and one must fight to survive. It is a planet much like the one called earth, the only difference being that on this planet read more

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