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My Brother the Shut-In

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Aug 10, 2018
An0nim (All reviews)
I don't know how to describe this manga simply. I mean I can't find a simple word to describe how I feel about this manga. "Realistic" is the fittest word for it but I don't like to use that term due to it being misused by many and it could mean many things. So I'll just straight up to the strongest point of this manga.

From many manga I've read till now, I can't remember any manga where the characters act and feel like real people except in this manga and another one called Mustard Chocolate by Fuyukawa Tomoko. But I'll focus on this manga and read more
May 8, 2019
KeiKurono2 (All reviews)
This is my very first review, I hope you´ll enjoy reading it. Although this manga is not really eye-catching, and wih a premise a little cliiche it´s really whorth reading it, with tons of reletable characters and an excelent and realistic story.

You grow up (mentally) alongside the characters and it´s very easy to feel identified with many of the situations as they are something that really could happen in real life and the characters acts just as real people would act, to the point where I didn´t just considered them as fictional but real people.

Other note worthy point is that feelings are really read more

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