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Let This Grieving Soul Retire

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Mar 12, 2022
Lerusto (All reviews)
The story is quite amusing. It's enjoyable to read because of some of the nonsense. The MC gets misunderstood or misinterpreted quite a number of times and leads to some arbitrary happenstance.

It's similar to Eminence in Shadow, although in the MC's case, he pushes all his work onto his subordinates and boom, misunderstanding leading to near death experience.

Art is so-so. Wouldn't say it's very good, not very bad either, so it's so-so. Characters design is pretty decent as well.

I would say if you enjoyed Eminence in Shadow, then this is gonna be good and I recommend both.
Dec 9, 2022
Ragix (All reviews)
On my quest to find a new manga to read, I came across several extensively long named titles at the book store. One that stood out to me was "Let This Grieving Soul Retire! Woe is the Weakling Who Leads the Strongest Party"... So against my better judgment, I gave it a shot! Come to my surprise that an MC who on the outside, seems incredibly OP, but is actually very average is a great analogy for this manga.

Our story takes place in a world of fantasy and magic. Where there are well-known 'guilds' or parties of treasure hunters in search of adventure and read more

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