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Rave Master

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Feb 8, 2008
missind33 (All reviews)
Story: At first I didn't think the story was originial. It's mainly about a guy who is destined to save the world, and he's given a sword and travels around in search of something (in this case Rave stones) in order to save the world. But when I began to read Groov Master Rave aka Rave Master, it captivated me. The story may not be original but there's a spice to the series that makes me love it. But what Haru (main character) does on his journey (the friends and enemies he meets, the obstacles he faces, the story twists) are all original and are read more
Jun 26, 2009
VK11 (All reviews)
When people hear the name Hiro Mashima today, they instantly think of his most recent work, Fairy Tail, which is steadily growing in popularity since its debut in 2006. However, its clearly easy to see where Fairy Tail's roots come from when one decides to undertake his previous, massive shounen story, Groove Adventure Rave. The anime adaptation of Groove Adventure Rave, named Rave Master, suffered considerably because of character designs that were not consistent with the manga counterpart, and because the anime adaptation covered only the first 90 chapters or so, leaving many unanswered questions and open plot holes. Groove Adventure Rave read more

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