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Drops of God

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Aug 6, 2013
lifedreamerm (All reviews)
Before reading this manga, I have never had interest in wine or whatsoever. But then I stumbled on this manga on accident and I enjoy it so much. I heard that this manga was quite popular in Japan that whenever they sell wine, they say "The wine that 'Kami no Shizuku' has". Isn't that just awesome? Anyways, I'm surprise that there isn't actually a review for this so here I am, making one. One more thing, I may be bias to this manga because I am a huge fan of whenever the main character finds that he has talent of something he was never interested read more
May 12, 2018
ToyotaEstima4839 (All reviews)
I'm only writing this because I found a French translation of volume 4 lying around during class and my teacher told me to keep it and give it a review. All I can say is, Kami no Shizuku just isn't very good. For a non wine-enthusiast, the story is way too technical and features a lot of references that I didn't get. Okay, perhaps I'm not the kind of person who would nomrally read such a thing, but I read it anyways. The characters are bland and uninteresting, with not a single one managing to stay in my head or leave any kind of impression read more

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