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Black Panther and Sweet 16

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Apr 8, 2019
Arurun (All reviews)
This is my first review ever and it is out of pure anger.

I wasted my whole day off reading this manga, and all it did was make me physically angry. The "not like other girls" ditzy main girl can't decide which of the two hot rich boys she likes better, and at the age of 16 has seen more action than I have ever seen in my 23 years. The character development and plot are garbage, and the only thing that kept me reading was that the art is nice, and one of the main guys is the mirror image of a favourite character of read more
Feb 9, 2020
torposopla (All reviews)
I started reading this one because I friend share it with me out of frustration with the male protagonist that is the horrible mischievous type. The start of this manga is kinda wild and could be upsetting if your personal morals get conflicted with fictional works.

Aside from that and once all get set and moving from the terrible beginning, the story becomes really enjoyable. This manga is fun and crazy in a Ouran Host Club mood style since a big chunk of the cast are rich kids, in a way that they could do and go as they please, but with added spiciness. There is read more

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