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Dragon Ball Super

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Jan 2, 2018
ASDWEW (All reviews)
I really, really love this manga, and even though I enjoy the anime as well, to be very frank the manga is superior to the anime in almost ever way save for about two aspects. But I think I'll get to that later in the review. For now I will go over each arc in the manga like I did in my review of the anime mostly because I find rating the merit of each arc for an ongoing series such as Super much more convenient, and even if it wasn't ongoing, rating each arc individually and then tallying the scores together makes it much read more
May 21, 2018
SteelingMax (All reviews)
My review will focus a lot on the differences between the DBS anime and the manga for the people that might have dropped the anime after the first few episodes.

This is my first(technically second) review and English isn't my first language, so bear with me.

Both the manga and the anime story are based on outlines done by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, and i feel that most of what the anime does, like introducing new transformations, hair colors, change in outfits are mostly done to sell merchandise and evoke nostalgia by coping exact scenes or retreading developments from earlier Dragon Ball series, read more

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